Duct Tape Chain Necklace

This duct tape necklace is super easy, but can be a time consuming project.   When you are done you can use your duct tape chain as a necklace, bracelet or attach to the duct tape clasp purse project as a purse strap.

What you will need:

Duct Tape Necklace - what you will need

1. Duct Tape!  –I chose three colors, one with a black and white checkered pattern.  You can use more or less depending on your style.

2. Ruler – used to make straight cuts.

3. Scissors – Non-Stick Scissors works best

4. Exacto Knife or utility knife for cutting the tape

5. Cutting mat – Many cutting mat sizes available

All these items can be found at Walmart, or a hardware store like Home Depot or Ace Hardware. If you prefer to shop online, Amazon.com has some great deals and often you can get free shipping.

Step 1.

Cut a seven-inch strip of each of the colors that you are going to use and place on the mat lines (see below).

Duct Tape Necklace - Step 1










Step 2.

Duct Tape Necklace - Step 2

Use your utility knife and a ruler to trim the edges of the tape to make them even.   You don’t have to do this step, but it will help make a straight edge and it will be easier.

Step 3.

Duct Tape necklace - Step 3

Cut the tape into 2 inch strips.  (Vertical cuts in the picture above)  Do this for 6 of the seven inches of duct  tape, leave the last inch for later.


Step 4.

Duct Tape necklace - Step 4

Trim the edge on the left side of the duct tape.

Step 5:

On the last inch of tape, cut horizontal strips about 1/8 inch wide.  They will be used for connecting each chain-link together.  You can free-hand this step with your utility knife.


Duct Tape necklace - Step 5

Duct Tape necklace - Step 4-2


Step 6.

Duct Tape necklace - Step 6

Use a ruler to cut four horizontal strips in the 2 inch squares that were cut in step 3.

Step 7.

Duct Tape necklace - Step 7

Fold each strip created in step 6 in half.   When finished you should have a nice pile of strips (see picture below)


Duct Tape necklace - Step 9


Step 8

Duct Tape necklace - Step 10

Bend the first strip into a circle, and tape each side together using the small strips from step 5.


Duct Tape necklace - Step 11

Duct Tape necklace - Step 12

Step 9.

Duct Tape necklace - Step 13


Place another strip through the chain-link created in the previous step and bend it into a circle.  Tape it together following the process for the first duct tape chain link.    This is where you can experiment with different colors–you may want to make them random, or you may prefer to use a specific pattern of colors.

Duct Tape necklace - Step 13

Duct Tape necklace - Step 14


Duct Tape necklace - Step 15


Continue creating the duct tape chain, until you have reached your desired length.    Mine was 2 feet 8 inches long.   At this point you can either continue on to Step 11 to create a necklace, or attach to a duct tape purse or other duct tape item to make a shoulder strap!

Duct Tape necklace - Step 16

Step 11.

Duct Tape necklace - Step 17

To complete the necklace, use a strip and thread it through both links at the end of the chain.    Tape it together to finish your project!


Duct Tape necklace -


Duct tape chain necklace finished product

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